Wooden Inkwell

Wooden Inkwell Wooden Inkwell
Wooden Inkwell
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Wooden Inkwell w/ Dropper

This wooden inkwell is a handy companion for your dip pen quill. It helps to keep your work surface and writing tools neat and clean.
Use the glass dropper (included) to extract ink from your ink bottle (sold separately) and fill the brass cup in the center of the well. The cup holds just the right amount of ink for dipping your quill. When your writing or drawing session is finished, use the dropper to transfer any unused ink back to the bottle.
The brass cup & dropper can be cleaned with a mild soap when needed.
This listing includes one wooden inkwell with lid, glass dropper, and brass ink cup.
Inkwell diameter: 2-1/4"
Inkwell height including lid: 1-3/4"
Glass dropper length: 4"