About Us & FAQs


Visker & Scrivener is a creator and purveyor of fine writing quills, inks, scrolls, leather-bound journals, and other oddities inspired by times past. We research, develop, hand-craft, and provide tools for artists, writers, calligraphers, and those aspiring to be.

Though we closed our brick and mortar store in Downtown Galveston, our workshop is still located on Historic Galveston Island and we are enthusiastic vendors at the Texas Renaissance Festival (near Houston) and Sherwood Forest Faire (near Austin) as well as many pop-up markets and other festivals throughout the year. Please see our Calendar & Events page to see if you will be showing up near you.

We provide quality scribal wares that combine modern ingenuity with historic methods, and aim to help reestablish the art of traditional penmanship and illustration in an increasingly digital world.

Visker is the driving force and primary creator at V&S. His attention to historic quality, craftmanship and love of developing new products keeps the V&S product line inspiring to artists, writers, and collectors.


Are these real (feathers, nibs, etc.)?

Yes! Though we build the quill handle apparatus using natural and dyed feathers at our workshop on Galveston Island, the metal nibs we use are original old stock produced during the late-1800s and early-1900s.

Do I have to have an inkwell?

Technically no, but having an inkwell makes everything cleaner and easier for a better - more efficient - writing session. Pretty much any small receptacle could be used as an inkwell, you just need to make sure it holds enough ink that you can dip the pen tip to at least halfway on the "keyhole" the round hole found at the end of the split of the nib. Our Visker & Scrivener inkwells have been sized to work with modern inks and provide the precise depth to properly load the pen with the right amount of ink for perfect writing and minimal dipping.

What is the dropper for?